Afternoon Dust

Winter colours

On New Year’s Eve I went walking up Crookrise Crag on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park with my dad, who wanted to photograph the sunset. Given that it was the middle of winter and quite a dull day, I was expecting quite a grey and muted landscape. Imagine my surprise, then, upon finding a black earth carpeted with mosses of vivid green and red, and stones covered in multicoloured lichens.

Brightly coloured green and red moss

Brightly coloured blue and red lichen on a rock

Black earth tinted with red clay

Even more surprising was when I got back home and noticed equally bright moss growing through the tarmaced pavement at the top of my street.

Green moss on tarmaced pavement

I’d love to go on a walk with someone who knows about moss and lichens, who could name the different species and explain how they live.