Afternoon Dust

Recent Activity: Fluid Radio, Whitstable Biennale

Summer is flying by, and at the moment there’s plenty going on to keep me occupied. Regular readers may be aware that I review experimental music and sound art for Fluid Radio; a recent live review of Messrs. Patterson, Farmer, Cornford and Lash can be found here.

I’m also interning once more for the Whitstable Biennale, a festival of contemporary art in the town where I live (think Venice, but without the canals and eye-poppingly extravagant displays of wealth). This year’s festival takes place from 1st-16th September and features mostly performance, film and video from a range of innovative early-career artists. I’m particularly looking forward to Performance Klub Fiskulturnik’s Yugoslav-style open yoga class on the beach — I was a participating audience member in one of their performances at the Arcola theatre a couple of years ago, and much enjoyed their tongue-in-cheek application of communist nostalgia to middle-class capitalist leisure activities. Check out the 2012 Biennale programme here.